About Jacquie

Life htdp_0071-editas a way of leading us all to our purpose. Sooner or later it appears, sometimes it’s revealed subtly and then sometimes it lands smack dab right in front of us. For me it was a little bit of both.

Grade four is when I first recall becoming interested in cooking. I remember going to the library and taking out books like “The Joy of Cooking”, I was cooking things I probably shouldn’t have been at that age, and unsupervised at that.

I grew up in a family of old school foodies, my mother edited a gourmet food magazine in South Africa in the early 70’s and my father claimed he taught her everything she knew about cooking.  I suppose their influence played a significant role in my love for cooking.

Processed food in our home was nonexistent, as a young girl how I envied some of the foods my friends in Canada grew up with! Wonder bread, bologna and bright yellow mustard (yikes!), macaroni & cheese, bottled salad dressing and canned soup were things I dreamed of! That seems hilariously ironic to me now and a lesson in how we sometimes don’t appreciate what is in front of us.

With a diverse cultural background our family has quite an eclectic culinary background; German, English, Turkish, Mediterranean, Russian, Jewish it’s all in there and I’ve eaten ALL of it!

Throughout the past 20+ years, I dedicated myself to cooking delicious and healthy meals with real food for my family and friends.  Vegetarian food became a focus of mine for many years and I was always looking for a way to clean up recipes and boost nutritional value.

After many years of being slightly obsessed with healthy eating I’ve learned to relax a bit. I don’t follow diet trends and I’m allowing myself to live a little. I call it balance.

  • If you are going to eat something – enjoy it! In other words, don’t turn food into something to feel guilty about.
  • You’ve heard it before…MODERATION
  • Eat your veggies!
  • Reduce your sugar intake

And lastly… Eat REAL food.  Ditch the processed, chemical laden, prepackaged foods and meals. This is the foundation of what I believe in. We live in a world of convenience everything, we want things fast and easy and our health and well being is being impacted.

It is easy and simple to prepare homemade foods that are good for you and your family.  A few hours prepping and planning in the kitchen are worth the rewards. Eating healthy is not bland or boring and does not have to consist of a poached chicken breast and a side of steamed veggies, there is so much you can do with simple ingredients that boost both flavor and nutritional value.

Modesty aside, I always thought I was a descent cook, but it was through sharing what I was cooking on social media that the requests for a cookbook and cooking classes came.  So this is how things came to be and I am thrilled at how well received these classes have become!


You can expect great company, come hungry and enjoy a full meal from start to finish. All recipes are included as well as a source guide and the nutritional benefits of many of the ingredients.

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