Turkish Vegetarian

This menu is largely vegan with the exception of a few dishes. I was a vegetarian for many years of my life, the Mediterranean diet has so many options for vegetarians. This menu is focused on legumes as I have found many folks are looking for new and interesting ways to incorporate legumes into their diet. The sky is the limit, come on out and discover how simple and satiating a vegetarian meal can be. To prove it I tested this menu on some meat lovers and it was well received!

There are some great options here to serve as healthy additions for many of you that still enjoy a diet that includes meat.
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Recipes marked with an * are vegan

*Tabouli Stuffed Lettuce leaves
*Red Lentil “Meat-less” balls with Garlic Lemon Tahini Dressing
Labne with *Vegan Pinenut Za’atar Bread
*Turkish Red Lentil Soup
*Mdardara-Lebenese Lentil Pilaf
Turkish Zucchini Fritters
Homemade Garlic Yogurt
*Turkish Piyaz-White Bean Salad

*Asure – “Noah’s Pudding”

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